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In over 20 years of national and international professional experience as a successful investment strategist and business consultant, GERALD has learned how sensitive global structures and financial markets can be to even the smallest changes. He has already successfully analysed, (re)structured, and accompanied numerous companies to rollout, and has built an impressive network in the international real estate and fund market.


The Founders

As an award-winning, successful actor, producer, and entrepreneur for 30 years, FRANCIS has learned to read and analyse the psyche and behaviour of people, and bring them to life in more than 150 films. He grew up multilingual and learned about the international business world early on through his upbringing. His professional and personal experiences in Europe, the USA, the Bahamas, and the Middle East have led Fulton-Smith to build an impressive network in various fields.

About Us

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Francis Fulton-Smith and Gerald Ranftl met at a business event hosted by Tony Robbins. They immediately felt a deep connection, realising that they were two doers who could create positive synergies together and be twice as strong.

They quickly realized that their equally high-caliber networks in different fields presented an excellent opportunity for a profitable community with high and natural efficiency. Thus, the vision was born for both entrepreneurs to found EARTH ANGEL INVEST GmbH together.

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